About the Speaker Series

Sam Quinones has spent more than three decades immersed in the origins and culture where the opioid creation and use in Mexico originated, before expanding to the United States. His firsthand accounts present a foundation for how the opioid epidemic began and grew by way of retailing black tar heroin and addiction through pain medications as a parallel.

Quinones’ career as a journalist has spanned 30 years—Living for ten years as a freelance writer in Mexico, where he wrote his first two books. He returned to the United States to work for the L.A. Times, covering immigration, drug trafficking, neighborhood stories, and gangs.

A discussion panel comprised of community health leaders and officials followed Quinones’ presentation to engage the audience discussing issues related to drug addiction, the opioid epidemic and ideas for local solutions.

Thank you to the following Moderator and Panelists who participated in the Muncie location Speaker Series.


Greg Fallon Executive Editor of The Star Press, Palladium-Item and Journal & Courier


Dennis Tyler Mayor of Muncie
Senator Jim Merritt Majority Caucus Chair, State Senator - District 31
Dr. Scott Taylor Henry Community Health
Board-Certified American Academy Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation & American Board of Pain Medicine
Zach Craig Chief Deputy Prosecutor for Delaware County
Rhea Graham Meridian Recovering Success Patient
Anthony Lathery, PhD, LCSW, MAC Director of Adult and Addiction Services at Meridian Health Services
Sam Quinones Journalist, Author and Speaker, National Opiate Epidemic
Sam Quinones

Sam Quinones is a Los Angeles-based freelance journalist and author. His latest book, Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic addresses the addiction crisis that has ravaged the country which has no social or demographic barriers.